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Property Management

Lets face it being a property manager is busy enough, when would you ever find time to clean?

Although it’s the last thing YOU should be doing, it’s by far one of the most important duties of maintaining a property. Our Hygienist is here to help take cleaning tasks off your to do list. 

How we
can help

Your property is more than just a business venture, it’s also a place for people to reside. Our hygienist will help provide a clean and liveable environment, improve the experience for your clients and residents, and guarantee that your property stays in great condition.

Types of cleaning


Ensure the upkeep of your property by making sure the common areas are properly cared for and cleaned

Tenant Turnover 

Preparing a thoroughly cleaned and sanitized space for your new tenants to live

Short Term
Rental Clean

We conduct a thorough clean to ensure your first impression is the best for your new guest


Run Your Business,

Delegate Your Task

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